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Thai Treatment

This technique is perfect for the kind of person who wants or needs a bit more pressure and attention to release knots and kinks.


Thai Combination

This is a combination of Thai, and Deep Tissue bodyworks.  It is designed to soothe sore and tired muscles.  Begin with a warm up session with Traditional Thai followed by Swedish or Deep Tissue to relax your muscles.

Traditional Thai


Traditional Thai techniques are an ancient healing that combines board and targeted acupressure, stimulation, manipulation of energy lines and assisted yoga postures.  It improves blood circulation, increases joint and muscle flexibility and is recommended for those who prefer a firm massage.  This treatment uses no oils or lotions.  The recipient remains clothed during the treatment.

Traditional Thai with CBD Oil


Many of the benefits of CBD are to be gained from taking an internal CBD product such as a tincture or edible.  Due to CBD's interaction with certain medications, a consultation with a doctor is recommended before internal use.  A CBD massage on the other hand, is safe for everyone, making the benefits of CBD accessible for all, while enjoying the gifts of touch.

Foot Massage.jpg

Foot Reflexology

This massage can be deeply relaxing and is a therapeutic modality for those suffering from plantar fasciitis, ankle injuries or working on your feet all day.

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